Battling Your Anxiety

Anxiety is no joke. It can be all consuming some days and sits heavily on our shoulders while we search for relief. The emotions that visit our heart during times of distress are hard to control or ignore. How we allow ourselves to deal with anxiety plays a lead role in managing stress.

First and foremost, address the issue at hand. What are you feeling and why? Instead of overwhelming yourself with the issue and not finding a solution, take a second to analyze where you can go from this moment.

It is important that we take the time to pinpoint and work through our anxiety. Time can heal all wounds, but there is no time frame guaranteed to get there. Slow down and take time to work through past wounds that still plague your mind and soul. You are your own greatest power in these situations, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Recognize what triggers your anxiety, whether it be the time of day, a person, certain language or pressure. Whatever that trigger looks like for you, take note of it. Realistically, it is impossible to avoid all situations that pose a potential threat to you, but learning how to handle yourself in the moment can provide peace.

“You can walk free of the fear. Be willing to address it and look it in the face.”

Tina Hester

One method you can take advantage of, if you suffer from anxiety, is learning how to make intentional choices to avoid inducing anxiety. Anxiety is often linked to past trauma, which can stay with us for our lifetime. No one’s trauma is experienced or handled the same, making it unique to how we live our lives. Living with our own individual experiences, we must learn to make conscious decisions to safeguard our mental health. This means skipping the night out with friends if you’re unsure of the plans, not replying to a text from a toxic family member or immediately removing yourself from a triggering environment.

Understanding and practicing intentional decision making will help those with anxiety from falling into a cycle of repeating stress inducing actions. Anxiety will continue to cloud our minds if we do not try to lift our minds above the negativity and doubt. If you find yourself continuously stuck in a cycle that disrupts your tranquility, reach into yourself and discuss what leads you to making the same decisions over and over.

Finally, take your wounds and reside in God. Take time, even in the midst of what feels like an uncontrollable rollercoaster, to surrender yourself and your anxiety to talk to the Lord. He is always with you in your heart, waiting for you to listen to Him so that he may lead you forward. Remember that He is always on your side and has unconditional love for you, even when you feel lost in His presence.

“Anxiety tries to make you believe that there is no hope. Anxiety will lead you to believe there is no hope of freedom of change, but you can be free.

Tina Hester

At the end of the day, anxiety sucks. It looms around our lives daily and often takes the reins and drives us to curate uncomfortable and unwanted thoughts and emotions. Understanding that we have the power within us to control how anxiety affects our lives, can help us begin to move forward with a new perspective. Do not allow yourself to be a casualty to your own mind.

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