It’s All About Confidence

This one is tricky. For some it comes easily, for others it’s hard work to feel confident in your own skin. Let’s face it, it’s extremely easy to give into your own fears and anxiety than to stand up against it. This year, challenge yourself to shut off the negatives in your mind and be who you truly know you are.

Confidence is about acknowledging the power you hold and your potential to the highest degree. It begins and ends with knowing and trusting yourself. It is a mindset that can become all consuming, but is that a bad thing?

When you’re confident, you’re the best version of yourself. People can sense confidence, for some it is off putting for other’s it draws you to them. For those who find it off putting, there’s a chance are they are struggling with their confidence and find it unsettling how you could be so content. What is important to remember here is that your self worth is not up to the opinions of others.

Opinions from other people can only topple your confidence if you don’t truly love yourself. This isn’t to mean you have to view yourself as perfect, but that you are comfortable with who you are to yourself and to others. You owe it to yourself to value your strengths while also accepting your flaws.

Once you begin fully living for yourself and not who your peers might perceive you as, you will never look back. You hold as much worth as the person next to you. Why dim yourself because you feel their light may be brighter? Everyone is moving at their own pace and EVERYONE has self-doubt, so let go of your need for perfection.

Next time you’re in a room full of people, keep in mind that you are in control of how you think. Leave self-doubt at the door and take hold of your best self. Confident energy is infectious, especially when paired with a positive attitude.

Don’t forget to be your own biggest supporter and love yourself for who you are. Confidence built on hatred and negativity towards others is not confidence, it is rooted in insecurity. Be kind and spread love around you and it will come back to you.

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