What Can We Do When Everything Breaks Loose

When it feels like our world is falling apart around us, it feels like we’re drowning with no lifeguard in sight. We crave control of our lives, but that luxury is not always ours to hold. As life seemingly crashes down around you, view it as an invitation to grow.

Fixation on making our lives perfect, more often than not, sets us up for disappointment when life doesn’t work in our favor. This can cause more stress depending on how you process road blocks in your life. Accept changes as they come to you and embrace new challenges to the best of your ability.

Allow situations and people go as they push to exit your life, and welcome new opportunities and relationships as they present themselves to you. Trust in yourself and trust that God is working in your favor, not against you, though it may feel that way.

In letting go of what we think we want, we often find what we need was right in front of us.

More importantly, take some time for you and do what centers you. Some of our personal favorite activities for this situation include: prayer, journaling, singing and taking time to simply re-calibrate our mindset. During these times, advice from others can be extremely helpful, but take time to be introspective and listen to your heart. Let’s face it, at the end of the day you know your needs better than anyone around you.

Reach out to God, trust in His process. Don’t be afraid to lay out your fears and worries and embrace His perfect plan for you. We never struggle alone, when if feels like no one around you is slowing down to help, remember that He is always in your heart and wants to work through you.

Journaling, though seemingly tedious, is a great way to track our daily lives. When you write down and work through your emotions on paper, you are more likely to remember how to approach challenging situations as they arise again. Knowing yourself, and remembering how you’ve pushed yourself in the past can help you grow looking forward.

It’s easy to give into fear and lose faith when it feels like everything is against you. Trust that there is a better outcome at the end of your challenges and push through. Don’t resist change, some of the most beautiful parts of life come after the storm has passed.

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