Distorted Perspectives

In relationships and life we tend to settle or look past issues that are right in front of our eyes. Ignoring the red flags is easy to do when you care for someone. We want to believe that bad characteristics and behaviors will change over time. Unfortunately, this can do more harm than good.

In some situations, we are so deeply intertwined in our own patterns that when we hear outside perspectives we tend to brush them off as false, jealousy or out of context. We make our own decisions, but we should be able to step back and assess the situation with a clear lens when concern is raised from those around us. Distorted perspectives will make us feel attacked when clarity is offered by an outsider. It also makes it easier for us to turn away from God.

God sends signs and answers in many ways. Tunnel vision can keep us from seeing the reality of the cracks in our path, being open and accepting of the lessons He sends our way. Veering too far from our intended paths can make us feel lost and overall disconnected from our faith. Then there is a chance we stop listening to the Lord all together.

Practice opening up your mind and your heart and assessing where you are. If you are feeling lost spiritually, know that God has never left you. He is still there waiting for you to notice Him. The true problem lies in realizing what you want for yourself and what God has intended for you is different, and may even feel unnatural.

When you feel in your heart that something isn’t right, follow that feeling don’t ignore it. God will let us fail on our own, not because He wants to see us down, but in hopes that we will turn to Him and be willing to listen.

We all crave comfort and stability in our lives, sometimes this leads us to holding on to toxic people, jobs and activities that make us feel a sense of belonging. That need for stability locks us into situations that are not meant for us and down the line we realize that we’ve gotten ourselves stuck in a bad environment.

Whether you feel lost or unheard in any manner, turn to the Lord and lay out your heart to Him. Reassess your perspective on your life. He always wants to hear from you, He will never turn you away because of past mistakes. Allow yourself to be carried and washed in His everlasting love.

You’re never alone when you have the Lord in your heart.

You can read more about recognizing red flags in Tina Hester’s “Healed by Love” here.

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