Healing From Our Past

Life moves fast. We become so consumed in what the future will bring that we not only forget to live in the present, but fail to heal from our pasts. It is hard to move forward when you allow yourself to carry weight that slows you down. In each painful moment in our lives there is a lesson to be learned to help us grow stronger.

Addressing past hurt and trauma is painful. There’s no way around that fact, but it is essential to let yourself forgive the past. Suppressing our emotional pain can be detrimental as it surfaces, spilling out into other relationships in our lives without notice. Holding onto our pain in hopes of one day tending to it is unhealthy. The steps towards forgiveness allows you to release the grip of what has been holding onto you.

Give yourself permission to heal. Let yourself feel those emotions you’ve buried within yourself. Allowing yourself to feel that pain can be powerful; you release the grasp the past has on you. You will no longer feel the need to force a smile while deep down you feel you’re drowning. You’re not weak for releasing negative emotions. Be angry, be sad and most importantly, communicate with God what you need from Him.

“But there is power in acknowledging what happened or didn’t happen in your past, forgiving the necessary parties, forgiving yourself, and confronting the belief system that resulted.”

Tina Hester

Never be ashamed of your past. In opening up, you may find that you’re not alone in your journey to healing. Your story could potentially help others along the way. Though at times we feel the safest option is to keep our “problems” to ourselves, no one should have to suffer in silence. Lean on God, if nothing else. He wants to hear from you and heal your heart.

Take every emotion that arises for you.

  • Allow yourself to feel it and consider how you can move forward without holding onto resentment.
  • Transform that energy into positive aspects of your life.
  • Be intentional, take hold of your power and release the pain of the past.

Even that very first step forward will be liberating. Forgiving what you cannot change is not easy by any means. We fear change, after all we’d be letting go of a past that has transformed who we today. But in doing so, we invite new opportunities and fresh perspectives for ourselves.

“I sought the Lord, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears. They looked to Him and were radiant, And their faces were not ashamed.”

Psalm 34:4-5

Be honest with yourself about what you need to do in order to take back control from your past. Once you feel you know where you want to start, unapologetically take those next steps, whatever those look like for you. Remember that you are never alone in your suffering. God hears you, lean on Him so that he may release you from the bonds holding you back.

Read more about healing from the past in Tina Hester’s book Healed by Love.

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