Let’s Talk About Control

The need for control in our lives is a completely normal feeling. After all who can make a better decision for you than you? We all crave stability and the thought of uncertainty can invite fear and anxiety to our lives. It also welcomes disappointment when we don’t get things our way. There must beContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Control”

Distorted Perspectives

In relationships and life we tend to settle or look past issues that are right in front of our eyes. Ignoring the red flags is easy to do when you care for someone. We want to believe that bad characteristics and behaviors will change over time. Unfortunately, this can do more harm than good. InContinue reading “Distorted Perspectives”

It’s Time For A Spring Cleaning

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s been a tough past year. It’s fair to say we’re all due for a bit of a spring cleaning in our lives. Now is the perfect time to lift any unnecessary weight off your shoulders heading into this season. Consider refreshing your routine or gettingContinue reading “It’s Time For A Spring Cleaning”

Making Intentional Choices

Life can get tricky and we tend to make choices out of stress, obligation, guilt or any other external factor surrounding us. In those times, we act on what we should do and not because of what we truly want. Unfortunately, outside influences tend to have power over us when decisions are made without carefulContinue reading “Making Intentional Choices”

No More Second Guessing

We’ve all been in a situation inline where we are facing multiple choices and need to pick the right one. We initially feel confident about our first choice, but doubt creeps in. More often than not, we change our direction only to find out that the first option was the correct one. This applies toContinue reading “No More Second Guessing”

Understanding Your Love Style

When thinking about how we express love to others, it may seem incomparable to how those around us show love. We think of our expression of love as uniquely our own, but all of us are more intertwined in our love styles than we think. Having a better understanding of all love styles can teachContinue reading “Understanding Your Love Style”

What Can We Do When Everything Breaks Loose

When it feels like our world is falling apart around us, it feels like we’re drowning with no lifeguard in sight. We crave control of our lives, but that luxury is not always ours to hold. As life seemingly crashes down around you, view it as an invitation to grow. Fixation on making our livesContinue reading “What Can We Do When Everything Breaks Loose”

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