The Power of Reading

Our lives are chaotic, busy and stressful and it can feel impossible to escape our over running minds. Taking time for yourself becomes an impossible task that we continue to put off. Some days though, we need silence and time to step out of our daily lives. This week, challenge yourself to pick up aContinue reading “The Power of Reading”

The Season of Love

Valentine’s Day is just days away and regardless of your relationship status, radiate love this season. Being in a relationship is great, but maintaining that relationship in a healthy manner is better. Whether it be an intimate relationship or simply just a friendship there is always a level of maintenance required to grow together. ForContinue reading “The Season of Love”

What’s on Your Bucket-list?

Life is short, and a lot of the time we spend it stressing about the future. Although valid, we continuously lose the present moment figuring out the next move. Investing in yourself and your life now is an underrated move. I know most of us haven’t made a solid bucket-list since we were younger, butContinue reading “What’s on Your Bucket-list?”

How To Pick Yourself Up After A Long Week

First off, congratulations on making it through whatever this week brought you. That in itself is a great sentiment to remind yourself as you get started brushing off any stress or anxiety you’re still carrying inside. It may seem difficult or even impossible to release everything built up in your mind and your heart, whether it beContinue reading “How To Pick Yourself Up After A Long Week”

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