Distorted Perspectives

In relationships and life we tend to settle or look past issues that are right in front of our eyes. Ignoring the red flags is easy to do when you care for someone. We want to believe that bad characteristics and behaviors will change over time. Unfortunately, this can do more harm than good. InContinue reading “Distorted Perspectives”

No More Second Guessing

We’ve all been in a situation inline where we are facing multiple choices and need to pick the right one. We initially feel confident about our first choice, but doubt creeps in. More often than not, we change our direction only to find out that the first option was the correct one. This applies toContinue reading “No More Second Guessing”

Understanding Your Love Style

When thinking about how we express love to others, it may seem incomparable to how those around us show love. We think of our expression of love as uniquely our own, but all of us are more intertwined in our love styles than we think. Having a better understanding of all love styles can teachContinue reading “Understanding Your Love Style”

The Season of Love

Valentine’s Day is just days away and regardless of your relationship status, radiate love this season. Being in a relationship is great, but maintaining that relationship in a healthy manner is better. Whether it be an intimate relationship or simply just a friendship there is always a level of maintenance required to grow together. ForContinue reading “The Season of Love”

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